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Well done podcast.

Straight to the point facts and keen observations from a host with an excellent sense of dry humor. Found the podcast on motherhood and Mayhem collab.

Very interesting and informative podcast

If you are interested in any podcasts like generation why, the peripheral or just very informative podcast this is for you the host Jessica is so good at what she does and never seems to miss a beat when it comes to trying to understand other people and their situation and I love learning more about Asia as I am an American citizen and have never really traveled anywhere it’s really cool to get insight about different places especially less talked about countries


I really enjoy the history lessons! I learn so much when listening to this podcast.

One of THE BEST Asian true crime podcasts

This podcast has been one that I’ve been able to binge without eventually getting bored. Jessica has covered cases that I’ve never heard on other podcasts and I do feel guilty saying that I like her sometimes deep history lessons before getting into the gist of the case. Keep up the great content and hope there will be many more interesting episodes to come!

Jessica does her homework!

Thank you for giving geographic and socioeconomic facts about each country before discussing each case. This is great background information. I also appreciate the light humor and sarcasm to ease the dark topics.

Addictive and informative

I am always looking for good true crime Podcasts and I was very pleased by another True Crime podcaster who suggested it. I look for good research, good narrative and and this one has it. I like her comments and notes. I will definitely recommend it

I love it!!

I just started to listen your podcast and I cannot say other than I love it!! It’s super interesting, well explained and from many different Asian countries, which to me always had been mysterious because I don’t know much about them or their culture. Thank you for your time doing this to share with us and please don’t quit, I want to listen to many many episodes. Congrats!!

Great stories, soothing voice

I really enjoy listening to this well written podcast in the evening bc the host’s voice really lovely & soothing.

Interesting and Informative

I enjoy true crime content and I really like Jessica’s conversational and candid style. Many of the cases or topics she covers are new to me and I learn a lot from each episode. I also appreciate that the episodes are just the right length to be easily consumed.

Such a great podcast!

I love listening to these episodes, and the insight and details about Asian culture is always cool to hear. The stories are great, and hearing how culture impacts how and why these things happen is very interesting!

Great podcast

This is a well done podcast with stories ive never heard before + background cultural information.

So good

I randomly stumbled upon this podcast, and I’m so glad I did! Keep up the great work. Love listening!

Love this podcasters voice and story telling style

Looking forward to listening to each episode

10/10 podcast

I love the “story telling” vibe the podcast has, it was recently recommended to me and I’m slowly working my way thru listening to all the episodes. It’s has quickly become my favorite true crime podcast!

Great podcast!

I enjoy listening about crimes from other countries and this a excellent podcast. I also enjoy the urban legends episodes. Great work Jessica!!!


I love what you have created here. Please make the episodes longer, more details lol. Awesome work!

Thoughtful and unique

Jessica is one of the kindest true crime podcasters. She isn’t trying to be funny off the backs of the bruised, she isn’t trying to make a buck off someone else’s misery, and she isn’t a plagiarist—all of which make her stand out from the crowd. Plus, she is a sweetheart, and her tales of Asian crime are unique and fascinating.


I listen to dozens of podcasts, and this is my absolute favorite. I love Jessica so much. Her excellent writing and warm demeanor makes her feel like one of those super smart friends whose wisdom you genuinely like listening to. The Asian Madness Podcast is super underrated. I am respectfully sorry if this is overstepping boundaries as I don’t know the podcaster’s daily life and dreams for the future, but…If this is your true passion, Jessica, please consider making a Patreon so we can support you so that you could do this for a living. We all need more Asian history in our lives, and you are simply the best teacher. 🥰 —Ginny from Chicago

Dark, Informative and Entertaining

I really love this podcast. It feels like Jessica is right in front of you having a conversation and being real with you. She’s very well informed and sarcastic, which I love. From the myths to the true stories they are dark and bring chills down your spine. Keep up the amazing work you do.

Jess does an amazing job!

Great podcast, highly recommended!

Weird news, but respectful and chill

I love the crime coverage, ghost stories, and general info from the host’s perspective.


Jessica is so cool, her voice and her laid back sarcasm. Really interesting cases!!!

Loving it

Jessica, it’s so awesome of you to provide this kind of content! We have so many true crime podcasts in the US that focus on the western world and that really never tackle the eastern world with any sort of finesse or diligence. Your pod fills that niche perfectly and with all the local regional context that is really necessary for the story. It’s brilliant! Keep it up!

Great Podcast

One of my favorite podcasts. Jessica is a great host.

Great show

The narrator does an awesome job. Love the stories and true crime. Would highly recommend. Thank you. Keep up the great work.

The best asian true crime podcast

I am one to be easily annoyed by obnoxious or fake sounding voices. I like your voice, it’s natural and perfectly suited to the stories you talk about.

Such a gem!

I found Jessica’s podcast around the time it came out and have been listening since. I really enjoy hearing these cases and her editorializing is such a fun part of things, especially since she is a solo host I am always caught off guard. In addition to just talking about the crime Jessica shares a lot about history and culture. The urban legend episodes are a lot of fun, too.

Absolutely love this podcast!

Jessica is such a blunt and down to the point host , who narrates the topic of the week with factual information and adds in unique commentary! I love how she talks directly to the listener and isn’t afraid to talk to herself as she narrates ( it’s a nice change from boring documentary like voices in other podcasts.) My favorite part is when she adds in music or clips , it makes the case or topic more real . Great job jessica!

Bad reviews are garbage

The people who say that this rambles on clearly aren’t actually listening. This is an insightful podcast, great narration ! Love to listen to it