Oct. 20, 2018

E26 - When Hate Takes Over

E26 - When Hate Takes Over
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E26 is an episode that takes you to a crime in a different continent, not in Asia! It's a special episode, part of the October pod-birthday celebrations. 

This episode covers the torture and death of a young man named Daniel Zamudio. It will contain details of torture and violence, so please proceed with caution. 
Thank you to the following friends for sending me birthday messages:

Adam Payet from Point Blank: A True Crime Podcast
Jim and Kit from The Forgotten News Podcast
Listener and friends: Samantha Tsai
Micheal Whelan from Unresolved and Hoax Podcast
Roseanne Sinclair from Killafornia Dreaming

PodCards drawing winners:
Tanya Todd and Sam Simpson
Thank you to all who participated, and if you're still keen on winning a set of PodCards, stay tuned and there will be more opportunities!

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Patreon: Natalie B and McKenzie Feuling
Reviews: markthebigape
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